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Below given are some scientific benefits of having a dog as a pet:

Dogs have the power to make you happy and cheerful

It has been found that dogs have power to make happy. The level of oxytoxin becomes high just by staring at your dog’s eyes. Dogs can help in cheering up people and remove the sadness and bring out individuals from their depressive state.

Dogs are the perfect companion

Dogs are devoted to you and will follow you around always. Even if they cannot talk with you they offer the support you require always. Their love is unconditional and they will help you to cope with loneliness in a better way. Dogs help to overcome the social isolation which people face due to different situations.

Dogs reduces your worry and anxiety

Researchers and different studies have found that dogs play an important role in reducing worry and anxiety. The level of stress hormone cortisol has been found to go down with dogs by your side. Dogs can provide the much needed comfort you require and can reduce your stress. Studies have shown that playing with dogs and petting the dogs can reduce heart rate, ease muscle tensions and slow down breathing.

Dogs help you in the physical activity

Dogs have to be taken outside for a walk or running for their well being. While taking out your dog outdoors you are also getting exercise. It has been found in studies that those who take their dogs outside are more likely to be more healthy and active.

Dogs can make you more social

Dogs can make you more social and help you to interact with different people. Friendships are formed easily between dog owners. Talking about each others’ dogs can help in beginning conversations. Studies have shown that individuals who have more bonding with their dogs can build stronger relationships with other people.

Dogs help in increasing your life span

Dogs can help you to live longer. They aid in reducing many diseases such as anxiety, depression, blood pressure level etc. This will eventually help you to live longer happily and peacefully.

Dogs can help children to remain active

Dogs provide children the much need friendship. Children will always remain active and engaged with the dogs. They will grow up to be compassionate towards animals. In many ways dogs can help in the overall development of children.

Dogs can aid older people

Dogs can aid older people to move about and help them to relax. Dogs help in reducing the sudden burst of anger and agitated behaviour. Dogs have been found to strike strong bonds with older people and have helped them to improve their social interactions and their mental and physical health