Summers are always sweaty and we tend to keep ourselves cool, so do our furry members in the family. It is important to know how to keep your pet dog cool in summers with high temperatures. Hugh temperature affects the health of your dog, as their panting rise to keep themselves cooler. So as a pet parent there are things you should be aware of to help your dog to be comfortable in summers. When you buy dogs in Abu Dhabi it is also crucial to know how to help your pet bear the high climatic conditions of the place. As on of the best pet shop in Dubai, we provide a complete guide to know to keep your dog cool in summers.

Some crucial tips to help your pet dog beat the heat and enjoy the summers

Ensure that they drink plenty of fresh water

Provide a plenty amount of fresh and cool water wherever you are, either be it inside your home or in the backyards. The best tip would be to fill water in a dog bow and freeze it, then later fill some more water in it to provide them cool water easily when you take your dog out for a walk. Also ensure to have enough water in hand to suffice all through back to home. Apart from this, carrying lickimats, treats in a Kong, or chilly penguin and allowing your dog to lick it every 15 to 20 minutes is also a great option to keep your dog hydrated throughout.

Water play time

Engage your dog with playing in water to lower its body temperature during high heat. When you allow them their water play time, make sure the quantity of the water is just enough to get their paws and belly wet. Having a fun time with your dog in pools, lakes, or under sprinkles can also make your dog cool.

Arrange a shade which is cool enough to lie down

Create a shade where your dog can find a cooler place to lie down with sunshades, patio umbrellas and pop up canopies. You can also try making a shade with tying a cloth. Pet bed is also a popular choice for its elevated design off from the ground as it allows good air circulation. Another option is a cooling bed which is available in different range of sizes. It is places flat on the ground which has a cooling gel suitable for dogs with arthritis, or older dogs.

Use a cooling collar or vest

Cooling vest or collar filled with a special cooling get keep you digs cool for a few hours. It moves the heat to the environment from the dog’s body. Cooling collar or vest are a great option when you are on a trip or a walk.

Ensure that you never leave your dog in a parked car

Temperature inside a parked care can be harmful for your dog and hence ensure that you don not park in a sunlight. Always keep the air conditioner in the car on If the dog is with you.

The responsibility of a pet parent does not end with when you buy a pet dog in Abu Dhabi, but it comes with proper love and care.

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