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Best Pet Shop In Abu Dhabi

Ready to have your own furry little friend? What is it that you are going to own? A puppy or a kittenPetz and Stuff is one of the best pet shop Abu Dhabi near me if you are searching for one, because we have plenty of breeds of these cute little puppies and kittens for you. You can choose the pet your heart desires because we know that the right choice can bring fun and joy into the house. If you are new to buying pets, you have come to the right place because we have built a solid reputation over the years, and have several years of service in the business. We can also help you buy and clear your doubts.

Customers are pleased with our quality and service standards and they often return when they want to buy accessories or even buy pets as gifts for their loved ones. As one of the best pet shop in Abu Dhabi, we provide only the most qualitative pet grooming procedures at our shop, so you can get those for your pets and be fully assured that they are getting the best.

We take care of these furry little pets with great care and love. You will feel the love when you see those pets. They are cared for, fed well and groomed correctly so they stay happy and feel loved. We take care of the pet’s health, and feed them only at their particular time and food they can digest. We take care of the pets because looking after their needs on time and training them is a time-consuming process requiring huge dedication. And also because, we know that only happy, healthy pets can make your family happy.We are reliable pet merchants so we follow transparent pet shop delivery policies as well. Once you choose a pet from our shop, we will deliver the pet on time, and keep you tracked on the process all along. Check with us regarding the delivery and return policies to have a hassle-free experience while shopping with us. Petz N’ Stuff the best pet shop in Abu Dhabi and Dubai have wide selection of puppies and kittens. We import our puppies and kittens from authentic sources. We only buy them from registered kennels and breeders. All our pets are vaccinated and dewormed till date. Health checks, travel requirements and other documents of the pets are up to date. They are microchipped with passports. All the license and formal procedures are fulfilled by us. Along with a health guarantee of 48 hours we also offer vet support. All pets are of top quality breeds. They come in affordable price. We follow an efficient process in pets’ delivery and we are confident that you will be contented with our service. You can take your pet home as soon you purchase them. Our commitment to provide the best to our customers has made us the number one pet shop in Abu Dhabi. We guide and assist our customers in finding the most suitable pet. Along with pets we also have wide array of pet supplies and necessities to pamper your wonderful pets. We have everything required to ensure the well being of pets. It is important to purchase pets from known sources to ensure that the pet you buy is not illegally imported. If you are looking for a pet companion search for pet shop Abu Dhabi near me and we can say with assurance that we will top the search list. Experience remarkable pet shopping with Petz N’ Stuff!

Health guarantee

Petzn stuff give you health guarantee for 48 hours. Also we provide 1 month vet assigned 24/7 in case of any emergency.

Pure breed

Petzn stuff import pets from registered kennels n breeder. Pedigree breed with 100% pure only

Pets With

Our all Pets checked by Veterinarian in UAE. We Make sure all pets vaccinated n dewormed. All pets are microchiped With passport.


we try to keep our price as low as possible.




From the best pets shop in Abu Dhabi, you can get the right pet for your choice and purpose. For example: if you are looking for watchdogs, then beagle puppies can be your choice.

To deal with allergies of pet hair, you can buy puppies from the best pet shop in Abu Dhabi which shed less hair. Bathe your puppy once a week and vacuuming often can also help.

No, we do not offer free consultation on pet nutrition. You can consult best veterans for your pet at our best pet shop in Abu Dhabi

At our pet shop in Abu Dhabi, we provide health guarantee for 48 hours and 1 month vet assistance 24/7 in case of any emergencies.

Yes, when you buy puppies from our pet shop in Abu Dhabi, we provide health certificate and certificate of sale.