Who doesn’t love to have a cute doggy or a kitten? It makes sense why they are regarded as a man’s best pal. A fantastic method to improve your attitude and mood is to own a pet. According to research, persons who keep pets and have one or more chronic illnesses had a lower risk of developing depression than those who don’t keep pets but have one or more chronic illnesses. Now it’s even easier to get your desired pets by searching the Google by typing the pet shop Abu Dhabi near me, giving you the desired results.

As pet owners, we look for methods to enhance the quality of life for our dog or cat. Making sure your pet is at a healthy weight is a crucial first step toward their long-term health and wellbeing. In this blog, we will go through some tips and tricks to achieve or maintain an ideal body weight for your little munchkins.

Why a Healthy Weight Matters for your Pets?

The likelihood that your pet will store the food it consumes as fat increases if it is overweight or obese. This occurs as a result of their growing inactivity and the fact that the energy your pet consumes is less than the energy it expends.

This additional fat may start to impair the function of some organs, like the liver, or “coat” some organs, like arteries. Diabetes, cardiac issues, and other diseases can also result from pet obesity. Up to two more years can pass between a healthy and an overweight pet’s lifespan.

Tips to Keep your Pets in a Heathier Weight:

There is no “one-size-fits-all” healthy weight for pets, and the optimal weight guidelines will change depending on the breed, height, and age of a cat or dog.

  • Keep a Healthy Journal

Keeping a thorough health log for your pet is one of the perfect weight tips we can offer. Observe their daily diet, indulgences, exercise regimen, weight, and other factors.

When everything is documented in a diary, it’s simpler to see how causes and effects relate to one another and which tactics are actually effective. Keep a record of it, then give it to the vet.

  • Weigh Your Dog Regularly

We may not notice our pets’ weight gain because we see them every day. Some pets have gorgeous coats that can conceal their weight gain since they are so fluffy. Regular pet weight checks and knowledge of your pet’s real weight can assist stop a small issue from growing into a larger one. Try to weigh your pet once a week at the very least.

Keep track of your pet’s weight by writing it down; if you notice a gradual upward trend over three months or a significant increase from one month to the next, schedule a consultation with our veterinary staff to go over weight management foods and techniques.

  • Choose High-Quality Pet Food

Create a diet plan that emphasises boosting your pet’s nutritional intake rather than just upping the calories and fat in order to help a healthy but thin pet gain weight. A sudden increase in calories or fat may result in gastrointestinal issues such vomiting, diarrhoea, or pancreatic inflammation.

The ideal pet food is produced with meats, eggs, vegetables, and fruits; fillers such cereal grains, by-products, and meat meals should be avoided. Try purchasing premium pet food from the best pet shop in Abu Dhabi.

Shower Love and Care for Your Pet

A veterinarian can assist you in developing a safe and logical plan to help your pet reduce weight and feel better if you suspect they may be overweight or obese. At Petz n’ Stuff we provide best quality puppies in Dubai wherein you can also avail pet treatments and vaccinations.