To welcome a new member to the family is always exciting. And when it is a cute and healthy puppy, it will feel like the family is complete now. But, buying a puppy is not that easy, to get into a pet shop and walk out with your new furry friend. There should be a background check to ensure their health and quality. Owning a puppy from reputable breeders can be good, as they will be concerned about their dogs’ health and hygiene.

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How to ensure your puppy’s health and quality while purchasing from a reputable breeder?

  1. Ensure a background check
    Before buying a puppy a background check is vital. It will let you know whom are you inviting to be the part of the family. A background check can also help you know if the dog’s habits and living conditions will suit your environment and lifestyle.
  2. Get to know the dog breeder.
    Being aware of the dog breeder makes half of the job done. Only a good reputable breeder will make sure to take the most care while choosing the best breeding pair. His choice of the breeding pair will always be concerned with the right temperament, the best pedigree, performance matching its breed standards, good health history and many more. Buying from a bad breeder can challenge you with worst experience of being a pet parent.
    At Petz N Stuff, the best quality puppy suppliers in Dubai, we pick puppies from the best breeders doing all the background check, making your pet hunt easier.
  3. Kennel club registered puppy’s parent dogs.
    Pedigree registered parent dogs with a kennel club is one of the criteria to choose best breeding pairs. Reputable breeders will be aware of the pedigree of the dogs. Before buying a puppy, ask for parent dog’s original pedigree certificate from the breeder.
    At Petz N Stuff, one of the best quality puppy suppliers in Dubai, we make you meet your puppies, its parent dogs, and provide you with every information of their parent dogs pedigree certificate, timely vaccination, deworming, medical check up reports and every other required reports.
  4. Be aware of the temperament of the puppy
    A reputable breeder can get you a puppy according to your requirement. Puppy that is not easily intimidated and bold like Rottweiler is a good choice for guard dog. While if you are hoping for a great companion go for a puppy with calm character. Retriever dogs can always be a good friend.
  5. Meet the parent dogs and know their health history.
    Meeting the parent dogs is crucial to know how healthy the puppy’s parents are, the way it is taken care of, checking on their coat colour, height and general appearance. This can help you know about your own puppy’s character.
    Owning a puppy is wonderful but a good research should be done. Never make a mistake while buying a puppy or you will end up to have trouble with it. The best quality puppies supplier in Dubai, Petz N Stuff can ensure you a good and happy experience of being a pet parent.