It is exiting to buy and look after a new born puppy. However taking care of a puppy requires patience and dedication. You have to know how to take care of your puppy in order to raise it healthy and happy.

While looking for puppies for sale in Abu Dhabi, it is recommended to buy puppies in Abu Dhabi that are between 7 to 8 weeks old. Such puppies would have spent sufficient time with its mother. They would have received adequate milk and the mother dog would have trained them to urinate and the bowel movements. When choosing a store to buy a puppy, choose a store that does not take the puppy very early away from their mother. You should also buy the puppy from a licensed seller. Also look into whether administration of vaccine and deworming has been completed by them. The best quality puppies in Dubai can be found at Petz N’ Stuff. If you are looking for puppies for sale in Abu Dhabi, you are sure to see us at the top of the list.

Hygienic Environment

It is important to keep new born puppies in a clean and hygienic place. The place should have enough space for them to lie down. The area should be cleaned regularly and the bedding should be replaced every day. When the puppies open their eyes and start to move around they should be given more space. They have to be moved to a larger area. Since the puppies are moving around cleaning of litter should be given extra care.

Nursing and Feeding

Puppies depend on the mother dog’s milk for the initial weeks. New born puppies require milk after every few hours. You have to make sure that the puppies are fed well and are warm. The nursing mother dog should be fed nutritional food so that the puppies may in turn get adequate nutrition. If the puppies are without a mother then feeding the puppies is your responsibility. Puppies whose mother is not around and are not big enough to be given puppy food must be given milk replacement formulas suitable for the puppies. Before purchasing the milk formula and giving them to the puppies you can take guidance from a vet. The puppies have to be fed while they lie on their stomach. Milk has to be given slowly with a bottle or syringe and they should be burped after the milk is given. Puppies should be kept adequately fed and it is important to keep in check the weight of the puppies. Puppies aged four or five weeks can be given puppy food. Along with best quality puppies in Dubai, Petz N’ Stuff also have pet supplies and necessities.


Puppies have higher chance of getting various types of infections and diseases when compared to grown up dogs. Therefore they should be regularly examined closely. Flea and parasite control in puppies should be done properly. All those who handle the puppies should have clean hands. If you see any signs of deterioration in the health of the puppies, they should be taken to the vet immediately and adequate care and medication have to be given. The first vaccination to the puppies is given when they are six to eight weeks. When you are buying a puppy from a store you have to make sure that they are vaccinated and dewormed. The puppies in Abu Dhabi available at Petz N’ Stuff are timely vaccinated and dewormed.


Puppies during the first month require adequate warmth. When they are with their mother and other puppies they stay close together for adequate temperature. Puppies that do not have a mother therefore should be placed at a warm place with heat lamps and blankets to give appropriate heat. Look for signs like crying which may indicate that the puppies are uncomfortable and cold.