Every change in the weather necessitates extra effort on the part of the pet parent. During the summer, you must provide your dog with enough water. Ensure that the dog has access to drinking water at all times, whether at home or on a walk. On those daily walks, a bottle of water made for dogs comes in handy. If your pet is overweight, it is more prone to become hot. Our dog’s diet may naturally vary in the summer as a result of the heat and summer activities. If you are planning to buy a Pomeranian puppy, you must know about their diet during every season. Petz & Stuff has Pomeranian puppies for sale in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We can best care for our animal friends by assisting them in remaining cool, being hydrated, well-nourished, and avoiding summer concerns such as heat stroke in dogs. Summer foods that are light, fresh, delicious, and nutritious will be appreciated by our furry friends. You have the option of feeding your dog mostly raw or processed wet or dry food for convenience. In the summer, feed your dog a mixture of proteins and carbohydrates, and avoid feeding them anything too fatty.

How Should A Pomeranian Puppy Be Cared For?

Pomeranians (Poms) are small dogs with enormous personalities. They’re outgoing, yet also docile and affectionate. They enjoy playing and are excellent watchdogs. Poms are generally healthy and strong dogs. Are you searching for the best pet shop in Abu Dhabi? Petz & Stuff is your perfect destination to buy dogs in Abu Dhabi and we have a wide selection of Pomeranian puppies for sale in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Your pom will, however, require a lot of attention from you in order to have a long and healthy life. Here are a few tips to guide you in caring for your Pomeranian puppy at home.

  1. Train Your Pom

It’s critical to train your Pomeranian first if he hasn’t already been. This is necessary for his personality to develop properly. Despite their intelligence and speed of learning, poms are fairly autonomous and may not immediately obey your directions. The key to dealing with them is to exercise patience. You can’t order them around because that could lead to significant behavioural problems. Furthermore, if your Pomeranian isn’t properly trained, he or she could turn the house inside out. Petz & Stuff is the best pet shop providing pomeranian puppies for sale in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

  1. Only feed your dog high-quality dog food

Rich, nutritious foods are critical for your pom’s overall development. Invest in a high-quality dog food brand. As top pomeranian puppies for sale in Abu Dhabi, UAE, we can also provide the best food for them. Make sure your dog’s food contains all of the vital elements that will help him live a long and healthy life. Despite this, selecting the finest dog food can be challenging due to the large number of varieties available. When choosing the best dog food for your pet, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Check for protein sources (chicken, beef, etc.) or dairy products in the ingredient list.
  • The phrase “complete and balanced” should appear on the food label.
  • An FDA or AAFCO-approved stamp should be on the food packaging.
  • There should be no dangerous elements in the dog food that your Pom is allergic to.
  1. Don’t Forget to Give Your Pom Plenty of Water Every Day

Water is a crucial part of the Pomeranian’s daily nourishment. As a result, make sure your pom gets daily access to fresh, clean water. The amount of water you feed them is proportional to their weight. Pomeranians should be given at least 12 to 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight every day. We can also provide instructions to guide them as top pomeranian puppies for sale in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

  1. Make sure your dog gets enough of playtime and exercise

The Pomeranian is a high-energy dog who enjoys playing and exercising to maintain its high levels of energy. As a result, make sure you walk or exercise your pom every day. This will also provide you with an excellent opportunity to become more active and energetic. If you are buying your pom from Petz & Stuff, the best pomeranian puppies for sale in Abu Dhabi, UAE, we will help you plan their playtime and exercise. Remember that if your poms don’t get enough playtime or exercise, they may develop behavioural issues. Just make sure it’s not too hot when you take them out for their daily dose of fun. This is due to the fact that Pomeranians do not do well in hot weather.

  1. Consistently groom your dog

Your Pom’s coat should be brushed and combed on a regular basis. Poms have a double coat that must be brushed and combed on a regular basis. The undercoat is dense and soft, whereas the top coat is thick and coarse. Brush and comb your Pomeranian’s coat on a daily basis to avoid mattes and tangles. Also, at least once a month, give your pom a bath. Use a good shampoo with aloe vera or vitamin E in it to keep the hair hydrated. In addition to bathing your pom, you should use a specialist nail clipper to trim his nails. We will assist you with your pom’s grooming plan when you purchase your pom from Petz & Stuff, the best pomeranian puppies for sale in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

  1. Schedule your Pom’s dental cleanings on a regular basis

Because Poms are prone to dental rot, it’s critical to have your veterinarian clean your Pom’s teeth on a regular basis. As the best pomeranian puppies for sale in Abu Dhabi, UAE, we know that poms’ dental care is essential. Your veterinarian may assess your Pom’s teeth and dental health to determine how frequently he should get his teeth cleaned. Because veterinary dental cleanings need general anaesthesia, having your Pom’s teeth cleaned will almost certainly be costly. However, failing to have his teeth cleaned on a regular basis could lead to major dental health issues, which could cost you more money in the long run.

  1. Take your Pom to the veterinarian on a regular basis

Veterinary visits will ensure that your Pom is up to date on his vaccines and will allow your veterinarian to assess his overall health. If you have a young puppy, you should take him to the veterinarian every three to four weeks until he is 16 weeks old to get him vaccinated. As the best pomeranian puppies for sale in Abu Dhabi, UAE, we realise that regular veterinary visits are important for their healthy development. Your puppy will also need to begin taking a heartworm prophylactic and be tested for heartworms. To get rid of intestinal parasites, your puppy will need to be dewormed during his first few weeks of life. If you have an adult pom, take him to the vet at least once a year, but more frequently if he has any health issues that require special treatment.

  1. Depending on the season, greater attention to poms is required

Depending on the weather, different types of care are required for pom dogs. Seasonal changes should be made to your Pomeranian care routine. In order to stay cool in the heat, your Pom puppy dog may need a cooling mat. On really cold days, weather-resistant clothing such as boots, outdoor jackets, and coats are likely to be required for a puppy to endure and enjoy being outside. Petz & Stuff offers the best pomeranian puppies for sale in Abu Dhabi, UAE and also provides the best seasonal food and products for poms.

  1. When your Pom is on a leash, wear a harness

The Pomeranian breed does not have powerful neck muscles that can readily withstand the tension and pressure of being on a leash with a collar. When springing up or lunging forward or to the side, the Pom can be hurt. Petz & Stuff has the best pomeranian puppies for sale in Abu Dhabi, UAE, as well as provides the best pomeranian harness and leash. Furthermore, collapsing trachea is a congenital defect that is widespread in this breed. When the tracheal rings are compromised, pressure from the collar might cause the trachea to collapse. It’s horrible to see Poms on leashes and collars; they’re really dangerous. When walking, a harness gives you far more control over your Pom. You may easily pull your Pom to you and retain him in a heeling position without risking neck injury.

  1. Once a month, have a look at the toys

This is an often-overlooked aspect of pet care, owing to the fact that owners are unaware that it should be done on a regular basis. Petz & Stuff has the best pomeranian puppies for sale in Abu Dhabi and we have the best collection of puppy toys. Sharp teeth can rip even the most “indestructible” dog toys and all toys eventually wear, rip, or tear open. Choking hazards exist in several of them. Dry saliva combined with minute food particles forms a film on toys that needs to be cleaned off on a regular basis. This is an excellent moment to evaluate which ones are in use and which ones are being overlooked. This doesn’t benefit your dog if you have some fantastic, useful toys that help with teething, boredom, separation anxiety, and chewing desires, but they’re buried under a pile of 30 other ineffective toys.

Compared to other large dog breeds, Pomeranians require less grooming and upkeep. On the other hand, these dogs require sufficient nourishment, water, toys, and regular veterinarian appointments. Poms that are left alone and neglected are more prone to developing life-threatening illnesses. Pomeranians will have a long and happy life if they are well-cared for. Petz&stuff, the best pet shop in Abu Dhabi, UAE, offers a variety of pet supplies, including pet food, in addition to the best pomeranian puppies for sale in Abu Dhabi. You may buy dogs in Abu Dhabi from us, as well as get suggestions and directions on how to feed your dog.