The blazing summer season can be exhausting and tiring for everyone. Just like how summer cause discomfort to you in the same way your pets can also get affected due to the extreme heat. Therefore diet and practices which help pets to cope up with the summer season have to be followed. It is advisable to keep your pets more indoors and not to let them out during the afternoon. It is also important to give them sufficient water to tackle the summer heat. Dry gums, dry tongue and rope-like saliva are signs of dehydration in dogs. It is vital to keep a careful watch on your dog’s appetite. Food habits influence the well being of the dogs. Petz N’ Stuff, the leading pet shop in Dubai, UAE besides offering best quality puppies in Dubai also provides pet products including pet food. With us you can buy dogs in Abu Dhabi as well as get tips and guidelines about the food habits of the dogs.

Foods recommended for dogs during summer

Milk Products

Milk products like yogurt and buttermilk gives your dog a relief from the hot weather. Ice cream can also be given to dogs. A scoop of ice cream is a great treat for dogs during summer. You can either make a pet friendly ice-cream at home or buy it from a store. Be careful not to over feed your dogs with milk products. Milk products should not be given to lactose intolerant dogs.


As you all know watermelon contains high water content and have lot of vitamins. Occasional watermelon treats can be given to your dogs during summertime to keep them hydrated. Seeds and rinds have to be removed before feeding watermelon to your pets. Refrigerating and giving the watermelon pieces is also a good option. Feeding too much watermelon can cause stomach problems like constipation or diarrhea. Hence give watermelon carefully.

Frozen treats and packaged food

A number of frozen treats can be made for your dogs. Your dog will definitely love things like chicken broth ice-cubes. This can be done by freezing chicken stock/broth in ice-cube trays. These treats can also be mixed with different things like meat pieces and rice and anything of your choice. Frozen fruits and veggies also make good treats during summer. Fruits and vegetables like apples, cucumbers, oranges, bananas, carrots, beetroots strawberries etc can be cut and frozen into little pieces and given to dogs. Remember to peel, remove seeds and rinds of vegetables and fruits. You can also make ice-cream treats and other frozen treats like banana peanut mixture.

Packaged products like wet foods are suitable for dogs during the blazing summer. Products like chicken & liver chunks in gravy, steamed atlantic salmon & vegetables, chicken & vegetable in gravy, dog food with cod and orange etc from brands like Pedigree are great options for dogs.


Ginger contains antioxidants. Small amount of ginger can keep your dogs’ gastrointestinal system healthy. Gingers contain anti-viral, anti-toxic, anti-fungal properties. Gingers also help your dogs with arthritis. They provide a cooling effect for dogs.

Frozen dog bone

Frozen dog marrow bones are a good option to feed your dog during summer. Dogs will savour it. Frozen dog marrow provides dogs many health benefits. Dog bones contain calcium and other nutrients which are good for dogs. Bones keep their teeth clean and prevent the build-up of plaque. Bones also keep your dogs busy.

Before deciding on the diet plans of a dog always take consultation and do proper research. Petz N’ Stuff has a wide range of pet supplies and necessities including pet food. If you searching to buy dogs in Abu Dhabi and in Dubai or searching for pet supplies and pet food Petz N’ Stuff is your ideal choice.