Dogs are considered the epitome of love, loyalty and sincerity. And when trained well, they interact with those who know and listen to them. Your hairy pet might not be interactive if they were not comfortable with you and you might find it hard to make them socialised. Still, some clever pups creatively observe things and will do as needed, and others might need some prodding and disciplining. If you are a pet parent and in search of pet socialising tips, then this blog would definitely be insightful.

These are some of the questions that pet owners usually ask:

  • How can we label our pets as interactive ones?
  • Why are some pups not interactive?
  • How to make them comfortable around friendly guests?

Proper training and guidance is important to make them feel connected with humans and other dogs. When you visit any popular pet shop in Dubai, you will be able to see that they have some incredible methods in training the pups so they interact well with people.

Here are some important training tips to maintain a healthy relationship with them. Check them out!

How to make them socialised

A lot depends on the environment the dog has been born and nurtured. If the pup is just days old, then it is easier because it is still in a learning stage. It helps them create a strong bond with other dogs thus, socialisation explains them to respond to the world in a better way without redundant violence or anxiety.

Just for treats!

Most dogs love to have something special, especially when they accomplish something. Let them grow by learning, but treat them when they achieve goals, however tiny or insignificant they may seem. Like babies, even they would love to have treats, and will respond well to them. . Know what they like the most and treat them accordingly.

A round to dog park

Let your hairy buddy take an hour of blissful playtime with their new cronies in the park and let them have fun by playing interesting ‘puppy’ games. The puppies in Abu Dhabi are real cuties who would really benefit from playing with their buddies in the park as it helps them make ‘friends’ and socialise.

Notice the signals

You can notice some special love cues from your dogs as they are trying to communicate with you or other dogs just BFF. And now you will realise that he is so close to your heart. Being a top pet shop in Dubai, we have some pure souls of dogs that you will fall in love with.

At Petz N’ Stuff, an amazing pet shop in Dubai, we have more than 100+ lovable pups that get along quickly with people. As we discussed above, for creating deep interaction with dogs you must build trust with them by setting up clear boundaries and training them to use their potential. The pups are trained in a happy environment and they interact well with our trainers. They are sweet companions who will thrive on love, play and more love!