Looking to buy dogs in Abu Dhabi? Then, here are some things that you should know about because there’s a lot to consider when you are taking a pet home. Apart from pet-proofing the home and getting the family prepared, it is important to know the popular dog breeds and how to train them for your home. Dog training is a very important part of dog purchase because you can have a well-behaved, healthy dog that will socialise well, protect your family and bond well with everyone. One of the most common breeds are the beagle puppies.

Beagle puppies are loved because they are cheerful dogs, happy and companionable. They are the perfect family dogs, but they have separation anxiety when they are left alone for too long. They can be trained when they are really young and there should be 2 daily sessions of 10-15 minutes so they can be toilet-trained, learn socialisation, understand shapes, sounds, sights etc. You can buy trained dogs in the best pet shop in Abu Dhabi. Let’s have a look at some other common dog breeds, and tips on how to train them.

  1. Poodle – Highly intelligent and obedient dogs
    Poodles are easy to train, and teaching the name is the first step in training. The puppy should respond when you call its name and come to you. The dog should be house trained, but calmly and with love so he understands that he should go potty outdoors and not inside the house. Stay close to the puppy until he is completely trained because there are certain cues that you need to catch. If you are looking to buy dogs in Abu Dhabi, Poodles are an excellent choice.
  2. Labrador Retriever
    The Labrador retrievers are very pleasant dogs, and they can be a good family dogs or working dogs. They socialise well, and can be trained easily too. They thrive on treats, so you can easily train them by giving them treats.
  3. German Shepherd
    They are extremely loyal, easy to please and quick learners. They are great family dogs, and their cleverness makes them police and military dogs too. They can be trained many times a day, but in short bursts, because their attention spans are too short. They also need to rest and sleep well.
  4. Papillon
    Papillons may be small and lightweight, but they are happy, affectionate and intelligent dogs that you can easily train. They are perfect choice for first-time owners, and they can be trained to do almost anything. They can jump hurdles, weave through poles, do fun tricks and are the perfect go-getter.
  5. Golden Retriever
    The Golden Retriever is another famous dog, and they are highly intelligent, friendly and very obedient dogs. Actually, they are perfect companions for seniors and they can be trained to be service and therapy dogs. You can reward them with snacks, treats, belly rubs and affectionate ear scratches. A good choice when you are looking to buy dogs in Abu Dhabi.
  6. Border Terrier
    Border Terriers are good-tempered, happy dogs that can be easily trained, and they like to work. They respond to obedience training and have hunting abilities too. However, the Border Terriers need their own space, because they like the calm and the quiet. You will find them for sale in the best pet shop in Abu Dhabi.
  7. Bearded Collie
    Traditionally, the collie was used for herding cattle and sheep, and so they are highly intelligent and hardworking dogs. They can be easily trained, fun-loving, easy to please dogs that can be great companions. However, they don’t tolerate severity, but they still need consistency in training.
  8. Doberman pinscher
    The Doberman pinscher is easy to train, friendly, loving and affectionate dogs. The dogs are intelligent, protective in nature and hence can be police dogs too.
  9. Rottweiler
    Rottweilers are very powerful dogs, ferocious when they can be. They are easy to train as well because they are sensitive and have the most noted skill in a dog: herding.
  10. Corgi
    The Corgi dog is intelligent, quick-witted and possess an innate nature to herd. They can be easily trained too and they love to try new things, but need to be regularly trained. They adjust well, and love kids.